2024 NSCA State Qualifier Results

Located here: http://nebraskachess.com/champions/

First Place, on tie breaks, state K-5 Champion and nominee
Gurugrahan Gurumoorthi
Siddharth Parthasarathy

First Place, state K-8 Champion and nominee
Thomas Jessop
Alternate on tie breaks
Rakshith Seetharaman
Second Alternate
Luke Hengen

First Place, state K-12 Champion and nominee
Dominic Zeisler;
Gabe Hoffman

First Place, state Girls Champion and nominee
Mansi Adduri;
Samanvi Kantem
Second Alternate
Clover Hengen

First Place, state Senior Champion
Christopher Kisicki (Chris declined to be nominated because of a scheduling conflict)
Jeffery Solheim
Second Alternate
C. Scott Look

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