March Update

News from the March 2020 NSCA Board Meeting:

1. The April 18th Scholastic is postponed indefinitely. Board will meet in the middle of April to assess the situation.

If we cannot hold scholastics this spring, our contingency plan will be to nominate highest rated players in each section who say that they want to go to five nationals.

2. Closed & Midwest Open are all still postponed.

3. Online chess for Nebraska players

There is a Lichess team for Nebraska players:

Online blitz tournaments are scheduled on Mondays at lichess for NE players:

Monday, March 23 – 7pm-8:20pm. (Ignore the fact that the tournament is labeled March 19th!)

Monday, March 30 – 8pm-9:30pm.

Note that you must join the Nebraska Players team and be approved before playing. Be sure to include your real name in your lichess account and set your location to Nebraska so we know who you are! (We will accept friends who live outside state boundaries but have played in our tournaments before.)

The March 30th event will be a dual fundraiser for lichess and US Chess, with donations split and given to both groups. More details on that to follow, including the possible guest titled players who may join us for the fundraiser!

Steve Cusumano has started a group with blitz tournaments on Thursday nights:

I have a 10 round 5 minute blitz tournament scheduled for Thursday, March 26th at 7:30 pm. Hopefully, we can build up a following on, too. Thanks.